PURE Social Awards

As a social gaming community, simply participating is an important contribution to PURE!   Social awards are the community’s way of recognizing those whose participation makes PURE a more enjoyable place for others.  Most of them are given based on nominations from your fellow community members.

Social Awards are one of the three pillars of the PURE Awards program.

PURE Awards recognize those who support the PURE community.  To learn more, click here.

Social Awards Overview

Icon Award Name TeamSpeak Perks? Eligibility Criteria Appointment Process
Black_DogTag Community Member No .
Awarded to everyone as a token of welcome to the community
Bronze_DogTag Established Member No n/a Claim yours by telling us your gamer tag
Become a donor or volunteer
Silver_DogTag Veteran Yes .
Established Member
3 nominations by other Veterans in one period
Gold_DogTag Senior Veteran Yes Veteran* for at least 6 months
No public disciplinary history for 6 months**
5 nominations by other Veterans in one period
New_blank-platinum Distinguished Veteran Yes Received Sergeant status 2+ years ago***
No public disciplinary history for 6 months**
7 nominations by other Veterans in one period

* The date one received Sergeant status (from PURE’s “1.0” Awards system) also counts for determining Senior Veteran eligibility.
** Senior or Distinguished Veterans receiving disciplinary action will be reset to Veteran status.  Their original award will be reinstated after 6 months in good standing.
*** Sergeant status was a component of PURE’s “1.0” Awards system.  Starting in 2016, this requirement change to “Senior Veteran for at least 18 months.”

“TeamSpeak perks” include the ability to create temporary channels on our TeamSpeak server, and a larger TeamSpeak avatar.  For more information on the PURE Awards perk system, see the main PURE Awards page.

Veteran Nominations

Veteran awards are based on public nominations from other veteran community members.  A nomination consists of a brief statement, based on the nominator’s firsthand experience, describing how the nominee’s social activity has made PURE a more enjoyable place for others.

Nominations are open all the time. The “period” in order to get the needed amount of nominations is 2 months. Nominations will be tallied up and dogtags given every 2 weeks.


Claim Your Bronze Dog Tag!

If you’re new to PURE, you can claim your bronze dog tag just by telling us your gamer tag.  Bronze tags are a way of showing your enthusiasm for participating in the PURE community.

On a practical level, this is also a prerequisite for receiving Veteran nominations from your fellow gamers.  Some people use different gamer tags on different services (TeamSpeak, Steam, Origin), so in order to process nominations, we need to make sure we understand who’s who.