PURE Donations Conversion


To accommodate the switch over in financials from Adama to myself (you can read more here), everyone with existing subscription (monthly) donations will need to cancel their existing subscription and re-subscribe to the new PayPal account. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. From the account summary screen, locate your last recurring payment to PURE (listed as: James Hogan).
  2. Open this payment, by clicking on it
  3. Once the payment has been expanded, click the “Manage James Hogan Payments” link. This will open the subscription profile.
  4. Near the top, under the “Subscription Details” header, will be a link to cancel that subscription profile
  5. Once you have clicked the “Cancel” link, it will bring up a box to verify that you want to cancel the profile. You should have a confirmation at the top of the page verifying that the profile has been canceled.
  6. To re-subscribe, follow this link to the PURE donations page and select the donation that you wish to contribute. This will create a new subscription profile to the new PayPal account.

Please PM me if you have any issues.


Posted Jan 20th, 2016 by Silentium90