New to PURE?

The Quick Guide to Getting Started With PURE

New to PURE?  Contact one of our community Ambassadors to have them show you around!

PURE is an open gaming community.  There are no applications, prerequisites, approval processes, or formal memberships. All participants are considered members, and anyone can participate simply by joining our game servers or TeamSpeak servers. You can learn more about us here.

First, be sure to check our rules, which basically boil down to:

  • Respect: Each other, the server, the game, your squad. We are all here to have fun, do what you can to foster it rather than hinder it.
  • No Bigoted Language
  • Do Not Consciously Hinder Your Team
  • No Cheating
  • No Glitching/ Exploiting Major Bugs
  • That’s it. Period.

We intentionally do not have any rules to restrict gameplay that is allowed by the game software. Use any tactic, use any weapon. Win at any cost. Have fun.

Now that you know the rules, hop on our Teamspeak:

  1. Go ahead and download Teamspeak if you don’t already have it.
    • Make sure to download the right client version for your Windows OS:
  1. Go to the “Connections” menu and click “Connect.”
    • Enter “” for the server address.
      • There’s no password.
      • Make sure to put your nickname as your in-game/Battlelog ID so your squadmates know who they are talking to.

Now that you’re in the main Teamspeak lobby, join one of our BF4 servers on Battlelog, join another gameplay-focused or social channels:

  • If the game server puts you into a squad with other active TeamSpeak users, you will automatically be put into a private TeamSpeak channel together.  Play and have fun!
  • You cannot manually join the auto-synced squad channels.
  • If you don’t happen to get put into a squad with other TeamSpeak users, there are things you can do:
    • Type “!tssquads” and the server chat will respond with a list of squads that have teamspeak players in them, along with how many total squad members there are.
    • Alt-Tab; the squad channels correspond to squads in-game. If there’s an open slot in-game and in a teamspeak channel on your team, join that squad in-game and you will be automatically put into the teamspeak channel.

If a squad has room in TeamSpeak, but not in-game:

  • Always feel free to type in the in-game chat that you’d like someone to make room for you.  Usually they will remove a non-TeamSpeak squad member to make room.
  • You can also send someone a message in teamspeak by right-clicking their name and selecting “open text chat.”
    • Please do not “poke client”, as this disrupts their game by automatically Alt-Tabbing them away from Battlefield.

If all squads are full:

  • You can wait until the round is over; At the end of every round, every player on the server is put into a single “post-round-chat” channel. Speak up and let everyone know that you are trying to get into a squad. People will help you out or make room in their squad for you.

Other commands:

    • !rules” will display the rules, in case you forget.
    • !pageadmin <very brief description>” will page an admin (there’s one on-call almost always)
  • “!help” will list all commands available to you

Don’t want to be squad leader? Use these commands to pass the star!

  • /promote” will display a list of your squad members, with corresponding numbers by them
  • /promote #” sends a request to that numbered squad member that you’d like for them to be squad leader
  • /accept” will make you squad leader if someone promoted you
  • /decline” will respectfully say no to the promotion offer

And that’s it! Remember we’re all here to speak up, have fun, and get frags!

BONUS: Want to show the world your PURE love? Anyone can wear the PURE player tag:

  • Go to your Battlelog profile and click the “Edit Profile” button
  • Click on the “Soldiers” tab, enter your tag and click “save”
  • Players choosing to wear the PURE emblem are asked to represent the community well, and uphold the Community Rules.


  • Head on over to this search on
  • Click on the one you want and follow the instructions. Stylish!