New to PURE?

Getting Started With PURE

New to PURE?  Contact one of our community Ambassadors to have them show you around!

PURE is an open gaming community.  There are no applications, prerequisites, approval processes, or formal memberships. All participants are considered members, and anyone can participate simply by joining our game servers or TeamSpeak servers. You can learn more about us here.

First, our rules, put simply:

  • Don’t be a dick
  • No Cheating
  • No Glitching/ Exploiting Major Bugs
  • That’s it. Period.

We intentionally do not have any rules to restrict gameplay that is allowed by the game software. Use any tactic, use any weapon. Win at any cost. Have fun.

Hop on our Teamspeak server:

  1. Enter “” for the server address.
  2. Go to the “Connections” menu and click “Connect.”
  3. Download Teamspeak if you don’t already have it. You most likely need the 64 bit version.
  4. There is no Server Password.
  5. Your Nickname in TeamSpeak must match your Origin/BattleLog ID so our Battlefield server TSSync plugin can find you. If you do not play Battlefield, please use the same name you use in game so your channel buddies know who they are talking to.
  6. Click Connect to join the TeamSpeak server and be placed in the PURE Main Lobby Channel.

Now you can join one of our BF4 servers or jump down to another channel

  • If our BF game server puts you into a squad with other active TeamSpeak users, you will automatically be put into a private TeamSpeak channel together.  Play and have fun!
  • You cannot manually join the auto-synced BF squad channels.
  • We have channels for many games currently popular among the PURE community.
  • Check out our Teamspeak Guide for a detailed PURE/TeamSpeak how-to.

And that’s it! Remember we’re all here to speak up, have fun, and get frags!