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PUREcraft at Stormage-NA (PvE)

  • Guild: PUREcraft
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Server: Stormage-NA (PvE)

For invite to the guild, contact Brogdan ingame.

ARMA III Epoch Mod

  • Epoch Mod
  • 100 players including Reserve slots for Donors and Volunteers
  • Anti-cheat services and active administration
  • Run on PURE's Chicago Dedicated Xeon 1271v3
  • Additional Details

CS: GO Fun Server

  • Aim/AWP/Scouts Maps, Capture The Flag, Deathmatch, Fight Yard Maps, Gun Game... and more!
  • Additional Details

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In order to achieve the best latency middle ground for players located throughout the United States and on both the east and west coasts, we opted to host our servers in the centrally located city of Chicago.