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Join our TeamSpeak server for the best in social gaming!


Join our TeamSpeak server for the complete PURE experience—our Teamspeak is fully synced with our game servers, moving you into a squad channel for coordination and a uniquely social environment.

Need help? Read our TeamSpeak Guide to get started.

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PUREcraft at Stormage-NA (PvE)

  • Guild: PUREcraft
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Server: Stormage-NA (PvE)

For invite to the guild, contact Brogdan ingame.

CS:GO Fun Server

  • Aim, AWP, Scout, CTF, DM, Fight Yard, GunGame and Minigames Maps
  • Dual anti-cheat (VAC & third party)
  • Fast Download
  • Exaggerated Ragdoll Physics
  • Radio
  • Quake Sounds
  • Rank Statistics
  • Roll The Dice
  • Store Plugin (custom player & nade skins, trails, tracers, etc)
  • Throwing Knives

CS:GO FFA Deathmatch

  • 16 Slots
  • Line of sight and minimum distance spawning, no more spawning in front of someone and getting wrecked
  • Active duty mapcycle, voting at end of round
  • 15 minute rounds
  • Radio plugin, if you want to jam to some tunes while getting your DM on
  • AFK kicker
  • AWP Limited to 2
  • +20hp per kill, +25hp per kill w/ headshot. Also refills kevlar.
  • Disabled radar
  • No SMG's, shotguns or autosnipers
  • Ranks & Stats (commands: rank, top, statsme)
  • Dual anti-cheat (VAC & third party)

CS:GO Easy Surf (Tier 1-2)

  • 32 Slots
  • 85 tick for maximum speed without ramp glitches
  • High air accel value without it being too easy
  • Tier 1-2 Maps
  • Map records
  • Server record replay bot
  • Skill levels
  • Chat triggers to help to learn to surf
  • Store (linked to the Fun Server, all of your credits/items are transferred)

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In order to achieve the best latency middle ground for players located throughout the United States and on both the east and west coasts, we opted to host our servers in the centrally located city of Chicago.