Donate to PURE

Your donation to Pure helps keep our servers running, fuels our expansion so that we can bring more awesomeness to more gamers, and expresses your support for the Pure Community.

Donations are one of the three pillars of the PURE Awards program.

PURE Awards recognize those who support the PURE community.  To learn more, click here.

Donor Benefits

Donors receive a variety of benefits as part of the PURE Awards program, both in-game and out-of-game!

Donation Link Minimum Donation Award Icon  Perks*
 paypal $5 / month Bronze Coin
  • Battlefield VIP server queue access: Nobody can join our servers faster than you.
  • In-game recognition: Your support will be acknowledged to other players.
  • TeamSpeak channel creation: Create temporary channels on our TeamSpeak server.
  • Larger TeamSpeak avatar: Size limit increased from 250 KB to 1.5 MB.
paypal $10 / month Silver Coin All the benefits of the previous level, plus:

  • Battlefield Mid-round balance immunity: Never get teamswitched in the middle of a round again!
  • TeamSpeak channel longevity: Temporary channels you create on our TeamSpeak server last for 24 hours after the last person leaves, letting other community members know what game(s) you were playing, thereby encouraging them to do the same.
 paypal $25 / month Gold Coin All the benefits of the previous level
 paypal $50 / month Platinum Coin All the benefits of the previous level, plus:

  • Monthly Key Supporters meeting:  Invitation to attend a monthly meeting with PURE’s Community Lead to discuss PURE’s vision and strategy.

 Click here to make a one-time donation**:  $10 | $25 | $50 | $100 | Other Amount

Donating does not exempt one from PURE’s community rules. For details, see “Caveats & Clarifications” at the bottom of this page.

* Note that some of the first-level perks are available without donating through our social awards program without donating.  Additionally, if a donor is also a volunteer, their volunteer activity is factored in to determine their overall benefit level.  For details, see our volunteering page.
**One-time donations are normally awarded a benefit level that can be sustained for at least 3 months.  If you prefer we allocate your donation differently, just let us know.
*** For CS only, for every $5 you donate above $25, you will receive 5,000 store credits.



What Are Donations Used For?

All donations are used to support the Pure Community Purpose; none are used for personal gain.  You can read about our Purpose in detail here.

Our spending priorities include:

  1. Monthly operational expenses.  This primarily consists of three areas:
    • Servers: Game servers (including our community events server), TeamSpeak servers, and plugin servers.
    • Software: One-off expenses for software (e.g. AlwaysUp, monitoring software which increases reliability of our plugin server).  This also  includes donations (generally $5-$20) for plugins we use; we believe in supporting community-generated software which supports us.
    • Services: We make periodic donations to community-run anti-cheat organizations such as PBBans, GGC, and ACI.  We also have other minor expenses for services such as domain name registration, DNS management, and other administrative tools.
  2. Cash reserves.  A healthy, sustainable community doesn’t live on the edge.  Once we are able to pay our month-to-month bills, we will make sure we have enough in the bank to sustain our expenses for six months.
  3. Expansion.  We are continually working to expand overtime.
  4. Special projects.  From time to time there may be unusual opportunities to invest money in growing or improving the community.  In all cases, expenditures will be transparently documented (see the section on Transparency & Security below).Possible examples of special projects include (but are not limited to):
    1. Project bounties.  For important projects which we are unable to recruit volunteer help for, we may offer cash bounties to generate interest.
    2. Exhibitions.  Having a presence at the right conferences (PAX!) would be a powerful way to elevate our presence and generate important connections and partnerships.  (Community funds would be used for exhibition booth fees only, not for any personal travel expenses.)
    3. Non-profit incorporation.  This is extremely costly (thousands of dollars), but there is some scale (perhaps $1k/month in revenue) at which it becomes inappropriate for the community’s assets to be in the trust of a single individual with no supporting legal structure.
    4. Promotional giveaways.  We’ve had success with using modest amounts of cash in promotional giveaways — for example, over the month of December 2012, we targeted a $150 giveaway towards TeamSpeak users, and increased our VOIP usage by approximately 25%.
    5. Thank-you gifts for major lifetime contributors.  It’s important to express appreciation and gratitude.  Someday we hope to create physical tokens of appreciation for our largest contributors.  (T-shirts?  Sets of customized PURE dogtags?)
    6. Promotion.  Getting the word out to the broader Battlefield community to attract more great players to our community is always a good thing.  If we spend advertising dollars, we will do so very carefully and in a way where we can track the ROI.

This is currently a volunteer-driven community; at this point, we have no personnel expenses. We hope our volunteer program will be successful enough such that we can remain that way indefinitely.

In the (currently unforeseeable) event the community should ever collectively decide to formally shut down, any unused donations will be donated to Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity.

Our Track Record

You can rely on us to do good things with your donation because we’ve done good things so far!  Here are some of our accomplishments, as of April 16, 2015:

  • Our community became financially self-sustainable, with our monthly donations exceeding our monthly expenses less than two months after launching our donation program.
  • We have one of the most popular ArmA Epoch servers in the world.

Trust and Security

When you’re considering lending your hard-earned money to any cause, you need to be cautious.  Who are you sending this money to?  Will it be safe?  How can you trust that your money will be spent wisely, and on its intended purpose?

Our Community Governance page speaks to these issues in detail.  We encourage you to review it before donating.  Topics covered our include ethical philosophy, decision-making processes, legal structure, and transparency and security practices.  There is also a profile of our Community Lead, including real-life identity, professional background, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, and a personal statement of commitment.

Thank you!

Thank you for considering a donation to the Pure Community, and if you are already one of our supporters, please accept our heartfelt gratitude.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Community Leads at


Caveats & Clarifications

Donations do not exempt one from server or community rules, nor do they entitle one to server admin privileges. In the unfortunate event a donor is banned for violating community rules, we will refund the balance of their account upon request, up to a maximum of $50.

Additionally, while community members’ perspectives are weighed deeply into decisions, it should be understood that donating does not entitle one to formal voting or decision-making authority on community matters (although preferences of those who offer greater levels of support are weighted more heavily.)

Additionally, donor benefits may change from time to time as the program evolves.  We hope that most of these changes will be positive ones as we add new rewards, but if we ever need to reduce rewards for a particular level, we promise that such changes will happen with clear notice given at least 1 month in advance.