Volunteering with PURE


The PURE volunteer organization does the day-to-day work of maintaining the community and furthering the Community Purpose.  We have no paid staff.

When we say PURE is “by the players, for the players,” we mean it — PURE volunteers are community members just like you! Some are PURE veterans, and others are newcomers diving right in to leadership roles. Volunteers are selected based on their skills, commitment, and the community’s current needs.

“I want to give back to the community, and I want to help others have the same experience I did.”  You’ll often hear this from current and aspiring volunteers when they’re asked what inspires them about volunteering.  PURE could not exist without their generosity.


Volunteering is one of the three pillars of the PURE Awards program.

PURE Awards recognize those who support the PURE community.  To learn more, click here.


 Volunteer Teams


Core Leadership Team

Gold Lead Shield width=Adama42 **
Strategy & Policy Lead
Gold Lead Shield width=Melloline *
Infrastructure Lead
Gold Lead Shield width=Pringalz *
Battlefield Lead


 Battlefield Team

Core Team:
Gold Lead Shield width=Pringalz
Silver Lead Shield width=affixqc
Silver Lead Shield width=analytalica
Bronze Lead ShieldYoshiiGER
Silver Lead Shield width=affixqc
Silver Shieldalbtifosi
Silver ShieldAntherial
Silver ShieldCanadian_GTR
Silver ShieldComby_McBeardz
Silver ShieldDoktorvonWer
Silver ShieldGeneral_Bud6
Silver ShieldJohnboy106
Silver ShieldL4NGOS
Silver ShieldLoloBond
Silver Shieldmimicthefrench
Silver Shieldrockcanada
Silver ShieldRoelv1
Silver ShieldSrRealist
Silver ShieldTrolololle
Silver ShieldYoshiiGER
Bronze Lead ShieldYoshiiGER
Bronze ShieldPanduhh0
Bronze Shieldtrolololle
Silver Lead Shield width=albtifosi
Silver Shield13_Prost_37
Silver ShieldAntherial
Silver ShieldFullMetal
Silver ShieldMerylStreeep
Silver ShieldMGVenom1337
Silver ShieldPanduhh0
Silver ShieldVaprz
Silver ShieldYenzAstro
Silver Shieldgringopar
Silver ShieldPanduhh0
Silver ShieldPatheticShot
Silver ShieldRoelv1
Silver ShieldSmileynulk
Bronze Shieldherdosheep
Bronze ShieldL4NGOS
Bronze ShieldMostFunGuy
Bronze ShieldPanduhh0
Bronze ShieldRickincali
Bronze ShieldRoelv1
Bronze ShieldSyrupMyWaffle
Bronze ShieldTriplet-Threat
Bronze Shieldtxapollo243
Bronze ShieldVendrath
Software Dev:
Silver Lead Shield width=analytalica
Silver Shield


Infrastructure Team

Core Team:
Gold Lead Shield width=Melloline
Silver Lead Shield width=hidden8277
Bronze Lead Shieldsilentium90
Bronze Lead Shield
Silver Shieldgringopar
Records & Accounts:
Silver Lead Shield width=hidden8277
Bronze Lead ShieldXythar
Silver ShieldDrBusch69
Silver ShieldFel0niusMonk
Silver ShieldTopPimpCheezus
Software Development: Website:
Bronze Lead Shieldsilentium90
Secret Santa:
Bronze Lead Shieldrsm241
Silver ShieldFullMetal
Silver Shieldgreenelfs


Strategy & Policy Team

Gold Lead Shield width=Adama42
Strategy & Policy Lead
Silver Lead Shield width=affixqc
Non-Game Administration Lead
Silver Lead Shield width=Brogdan
World of Warcraft Lead
Silver Lead Shield width=Comby_McBeardz
Events Lead


Roster Key

+ Deputy Lead ++ Successor Lead * Voting member ** Chairperson


Link: Volunteer Reserves Roster



How to Volunteer

PURE could not exist without volunteers.  But volunteering is not just a way of helping support and sustain the community — it’s a way of participating at a deeper level.  If you choose to volunteer, you get the opportunity to see the inner workings of an organized gaming community, and to more closely connect and collaborate with others who are passionate about the same thing you are:  awesome social gaming.

Volunteers are selected to join the organization based on their enthusiasm, commitment, and skills.   These are assessed based on written applications, video interviews, and any prior interaction.

This page focuses on non-leadership volunteer positions. If you are interested in learning about leadership positions, go to our Leadership Roles page instead!

Applying to Volunteer

  1. Find an opening

    We regularly announce recruiting opportunities, so keep your eyes open.  If you don’t see an opening, but are highly excited, skilled, and committed, feel free to reach out to one of our volunteer leads!  We always want to talk to strong volunteer candidates.

  2. Assess Your Availability

    For most volunteer roles, we look for an average of 3+ hours/week.  Some weeks may be more, some weeks none at all; that’s just an average.  For some teams, the requirements may be different — ask the recruiting Lead if you’re unsure.

  3. Application

    Fill out an application for the role.  This should be linked from the announcement.  The recruiting lead for the team should review your application and get back to you within a few days.

  4. Discussion

    If everything seems to be a fit from reading your application, the recruiting lead will contact you to schedule a time for video discussion to talk about the role further.  (It’s best if you have a webcam, but if you don’t, that’s OK.)

    The discussion is an opportunity for you and the lead to get to know each other, and get a shared sense of whether working together will be fun, effective, and an all-around good fit.  This is different from an “interview” in that it is a two-way street.  We think that volunteering should be fun for everyone involved, and having a discussion beforehand helps insure that.

  5. Decision

    You and the recruiting Lead will both take some time to decide whether you feel you and the volunteer role are well-suited for each other.  If so, you’ll join the team!

This page focuses on non-leadership volunteer positions. If you are interested in learning about leadership positions, go to our Leadership Roles page instead!

Thank you!

Thank you for considering volunteering with the PURE community.  Without volunteer support, we could not exist. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at contact@purebattlefield.org.